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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

June 2009 - Posts

  • BBG Communications: WHAT WE DO

    To answer this question, I first have to define for myself what it means to be “happy and successful”. I envision myself older, in my forties perhaps, what may be called “settled”, although life would have to include frequent traveling. I see a humble but welcoming house on a sparsely populated beach, maybe a child or two, and a loving and supporting partner with whom I share an active, healthy lifestyle in a small-town community in which I am known, liked, and make a difference. That is where ‘The Most Important Choice’ appears: How do I make a difference?

    The answer lies in yet another question, a question very popular between people who are first getting to know each other: “What do you do?” People ask. Without question, we understand “do” as “job”. What is your job, people want to know, but job sounds too boring and obligatory, so we abstract it a bit. Hence, my greatest question, one I will answer millions of times in my life, the answer to which will make or break my happiness and success is: What will I do?

    My choices are many, but few fit both the “happy” and “successful” criteria, if you really can have one without the other. For many people they mean different things, but commonly, “success” is viewed in terms of money. The more money you have the more things you can buy, succeeding in the competitive commercial world. Happiness usually pertains to something spiritual, a satisfaction with life in general. However, it has been proven that money does not equal happiness; we even have the familiar saying “you can’t buy happiness”. So, by some standards, you can really be successful, buy lots of things, but not be satisfied with your life, as many rich people suffer from some sort of spiritual lack. My standards are different.

    There is a scale, the old-fashioned kind on which two plates hang on a supported bar to balance each other out. One side holds the heavy silver success, money; the other, spiritual happiness, which for me means making a difference, somehow bettering the lives of others. Happiness weighs much less than success because it is an emotion, intangible. A plate full of happiness balances out a smidgen of financial success and there is the equilibrium of spiritual satisfaction and money in my life.

    But how will I make this difference? This is the most important decision. I much choose a real, tangible career that gives me just enough financial success to survive materialistically, while keeping the plate balanced with the happiness I will get by contributing to the great amount of difference I see needed in this world. I don’t know the answer yet, but my passion for knowledge and compassion for people, especially children, suggests that the difference, the happiness, lies in teaching others how to see and pursue the beauty in knowledge. Monetary success will sustain me; with change, my happiness with thrive. I must choose how to do it.


    Posted Jun 25 2009, 05:11 PM by abadicio90 with no comments
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  • BBG Communications: CANADA CARES

    Imagine, in Vancouver, 2025; an old man wakes up and finds himself with a terrible heartache. On his way to the hospital, he passes by hundreds of billboards, flyers and brochures advertising great health insurance plans; 1.5% annual rate, free iPod with every health insurance approved. He staggers on, finally making to the hospital where he finds a woman in the receptionist area guarded by two security guards. As he approaches, the lady asked, “Any life-threatening injuries?” The man shook his head no. “Any health insurance?” Regrettably, the man shook his head no again. “I’m sorry, this hospital only serves patients with health insurance; please try elsewhere”. The old man heads towards the exit as a young man in a fine business suit walks pass him, shows his Platinum Health ID card and is escorted by one of the guards to the VIP waiting room filled with leather seats and free cappuccino.

    This isn’t a story, it’s a reality. Today, thousands of sicken citizens of United States are turned away; simply because they do not have health insurance. How is it possible for such a sophisticated society, widely aware of human rights and compassion for human suffering; turn a blind eye simply because they do not have insurance? And on the northern border, Canada is praised for its excellence in its social programs and health care.

    Privatization. Many civilizations had attempted such form of government. Here, the world saw Communism. Yet, they met their own demise as corruption and proliferation motivated by human greed took control of a once so innocent desire to achieve equality among all. This was the Soviet Union.

    Some would argue that privatization allows the free market to achieve the best optimal outcome of health care. Driven by competition and the invisible free market hand, society is supposed to benefit from it all. Consider a circus show. A tight-rope walker performs with a safety net and another doesn’t. Would one say that the walker without a safety net is a better performer? However, why would it matter to the performance evaluation that the performer with a safety net is lesser when he puts on the exact identical show? Yet, when both walkers fall, the one without the safety net dies. This is market imperfection. Regardless of the invisible free hand, imperfection lies in the system, at the fault of desperation to impress, or profits. This is why government intervention is needed. The government acts as the safety net for the tight-rope walker. When that individual falls, there is basic health care to provide the essential necessities to preserve human life and treat the suffering.

    The United States has already fallen off the tight-rope and their society is paying the price of the ugliness of privatized health care. Privatization in Canada? NO WAY! Canada cares and is willing to pay billions of dollars to provide a safety net, a health care plan for all, but no free cappuccino.



    Posted Jun 22 2009, 03:40 PM by abadicio90 with 1 comment(s)
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    The kind of dream job I want to have is to become a Game Developer, because it's what I love to do. I would love to get up everyday excited to go to work and start coming up with ideas on the next videogame. Game Developer is my life and I want to be a part of something that everyone will play and love every second of that game. Game Art and Design is a passion and to me, once I have that job, I'll be one proud person.

    I've always dreamed about making videogames because I couldn't get enough of it. I've tried other computer majors but it wasn't videogame related and I wasn't getting much into it. I want a job that I can take seriously and show everyone just how important it can be for them. I want a job that I would love to work late if they want me to stay late to continue on a project for an upcoming game or anything that's game related. I've lived my life on videogames and I still want to be a part of the game developer team.

    If I don't have this type of job, then I don't know what other job I would love to work at. Game Design is my life and I've had a hard time finding a school that has that type of major. Now that I've found the school, I know I'm just one step closer to my true dream job. I’ll do whatever it takes to have that dream job even if the classes are difficult, I'll keep going and work for it. I won't let anything stop me from making my dreams come true. Game Developer is basically the type of field that I would love to get deeper into. I just want to take that job and love every second of it. I just want to stay into the game and be part of something that I love to do with my life. I've spend all my life playing videogames and finding a job in the game world would be my ultimate dream job. Working at a job that I love can bring great things in my life and make it all better. To me, my dream job is my second chance in my life and I'm looking forward to it.



    Posted Jun 02 2009, 04:01 PM by abadicio90 with no comments
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