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Lohan gets a get-out-of-jail card – again

Well…it appears that despite her claims that her talent is acting, Lindsay Lohan has confirmed for us all that her talent is actually bullet dodging. 

Lohan tested positive for alcohol use in a random test, the dirty urine pointing to a probation violation. Lohan was ordered to court, where she claimed she had not been drinking alcohol, but instead had consumed kombucha tea, which although it is deemed non-alcoholic, contains .05 percent alcohol. 

Although Lohan's list of troubles with the law is long – the girl has, like, four mug shots now – this latest incident stems from charges that she took a necklace from a high-end jewelry store without permission. For the non-famous, this would be called shoplifting. She was sentenced to house arrest after pleading guilty to the crime. 

Lohan has continuously claimed that she wants to change, knows she did wrong and wants to do better…she keeps saying she's responsible and she's following the rules. She says she's doing what the judge ordered and she's just dying to get back to work.

This time, although she should have gone to jail, she got out of it because the order for random testing was issued by a past judge and not valid.

Not valid? Excuse me? So, if I commit a crime, and a judge sentences me to death, but then later I'm standing before another judge arguing my case, the second judge can't enforce the death sentence because it's no longer valid? Since when did they start stamping sentences with a validity stamp? Once a judge passes judgment, it's supposed to stick, no matter what. 

And what's worse, even though she's on house arrest, Lohan has given the justice system the finger by throwing house parties and filming commercials and interviews at her home. 

What can we learn from this whole fiasco, kiddos? We learn that as long as you're famous, you can get away with murder. Google it. Lohan's not the first. 

Posted: Jun 24 2011, 11:36 AM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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