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Celebrate some bubble wrap today!

According to reports online, today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Yep. Seriously. 

The day to celebrate all things plastic, bubbly and, well, wrappy, was started by a Bloomington, Indiana radio station, and this year marks the 10th annual observance. To celebrate everyone's favorite stress-reliever, here are some facts you may not have known about bubble wrap…

Bubble wrap was first invented as a wallpaper in 1957, by two engineers in Hawthorne, N.J. They were trying to make plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. The product didn't take off. 

But the duo later realized that their product could be used as a cushioning packaging material. At that time, only abrasive paper products were used for packaging, and they did nothing for protecting and cushioning heavy or delicate items. 

The engineers, Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding, raised $9,000 to fund a developmental production line, and they later formed Sealed Air Corporation, which is now the worldwide leader in bubble wrap.

These days, people do more with bubble wrap than just insulate items they're shipping. It's been used for making sculpture, for pranking, for making prom dresses, for dancing on and yes, it's very often used by those who just enjoy popping the bubbles. There's even an iPad and iPhone app that allows you to virtually pop the addictive stuff.

You say there's a better product out there for packing and shipping? Foam peanuts? Pish tosh. Ever try to pop a foam peanut?

Yeah. We didn't think so.

Posted: Feb 01 2011, 12:11 PM by Red On The Head | with no comments
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